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Getting Started Website Checklist

While launching a new website with an online store is easy, Setting-up that store to function how you need it to is the tricky part.

This simple checklist will help you to organize your content and get your ducks in a row.

01. Secure a Domain Name

Purchase a Domain Name that accurately represents your brand. It could be your name, your products’ name or a division of your business. Either way, it should be short and easy to remember. 


03. Organize your Content & Goals

What is the message for your website? What is it that you want to sell?  Write it all down and organize it into page: Home / About / Products / History / etc.. 

General Content
Online Store-Specific
List Website Goals

Ok, you can do this first; and if you do, we’ll be happy to help you get setup.

Key Takeaways..

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