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Book Hourly Appointments with BizProWeb

Want to offer bookings on a Daily Basis?

Must-Have Features for Any Appointment Booking function

Customize the appointment setup

Create all the important details about your appointment booking services – Business Days, Working Hours, Days Off and the services provided.

Days Off

Add any Holiday or Rest Days to any schedule. Customize for individual service providers, services or locations.

Working Hours

Add any day or Holiday and Rest Days to any schedule.

Support for Multiple Services

No matter how many different services are provided, business owners may add them all to the Appointment Booking feature. Configure Individual Duration, Price and other details.

Customize Calendar Labels

Enable the 'Use Custom Labels' option to easily change default weekdays and month labels.

Customizing the Hours, Days off, Services and more with BizProWeb Appointment Booking
Advanced Appointment Booking Options with BizProWeb

Advanced Appointment Booking options

Totally curate appointments by adding Buffer Time between services, Maximum Capacity per specific services and Payment Information.

Buffer Time

Add any Holiday or Rest Days to any schedule. Customize for individual service providers, services or locations.

Full Appointment Details

Find all the payment information in the special settings columns.

Use Single Forms

Create a single service form and add it to the Single Service page design template [Site Builder] – The current service will be set by default and pass all the appropriate appointment data when booked.


Set the maximum capacity per any given service and embed the data in the time slot within your Booking Calendar.

Manage Appointments Via a Clean Admin Dashboard

View Appointment Details from the Appointment Booking Dashboard - BizProWeb

Add & Edit Appointments

View the essentials on every scheduled appointment, add new ones, edit their data, and delete them if necessary.

Appointment Filtering & Search

Filter then requests by Service, Provider and Status. Business owners may also search for appointments by Date and Meta Fields.

Different Schedule Layouts

Visualize the schedule as you please – Decide between the appointment List, Calendar or Timeline views.

Create & Configure Appointment Booking Forms

Extend Form Functionality

Combined with our JetEngine master control function, the appointment booking feature enables business owners to not only provide an amazing customer interface, but also leverage the website to become a powerful marketing tool.

Extend Functionality to make the Appointment Booking form a powerful marketing tool - BizProWeb Website Builder

Appointment layouts

Display the appointments as a self-explanatory listing. Use the Listing Grid and Dynamic Field widgets to output the essential details.

12 Field Types

Mix, match, and configure any field types, use manual input and dynamic meta-contents to build a workable form.

Smart notifications

Set up the requested notification types like Insert appointment, Redirect to Page, Send Email, etc. to ensure the services are booked smoothly.

Single-page Booking

Let the clients book the services they need right from the Provider’s single page.

Custom Templates

Tune the front-end display of the available providers and services by creating and applying templates to the Provider/Service fields.

Connect to your Storefront to Automate Payments

Connect the appointment booking to BizProWeb's Storefront and take payments from the online form.
Clients Book, You Get Paid.

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