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A professional website doesn’t end with a beautiful and functional design; to truly maximize the potential of your website, it must be properly Optimized for Search Engines.  With BIZPROWEB’s Industry-Dominating SEO Tools available to you, your website is already ahead of the game.

SEO Features Built-Into
Your bizProWeb Website

Secure Website Hosting

Secure Hosting

Secured with 2048-bit encryption — the highest security standard — your bizProWeb site will protect sensitive data, such as payment information and passwords, over a trust-worthy HTTPS connection.

Fast website loading time

Speedy Loading Time

Powered by the latest caching technology and a global content delivery network, your website visitors will experience the fastest possible page speeds and best user experience — anywhere.

Instant Google and Bing search indexing

Instant Search Indexing

Upon launch, your website instantly notifies Google & Bing to begin indexing your website. With a few tweaks in the Global Search Settings, your website will start ranking in search.

Mobile Optimized Website Design – Web Design Miami

Mobile Optimized

Search engines require mobile-friendly websites. Your bizProWeb site naturally conforms to this requirement, guaranteeing compliance. With advanced Responsive Settings available, you can further enhance the mobile experience.

Reliable Website Hosting

Structured Data

Schema markup further refines the structure of your website content, allowing for Google & Bing to better organize your pages in search results, thus presenting viewers with Rich Snippets. Advanced settings are available.

XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap

A sitemap is automatically generated for your website, and auto-updated as more content is created. Search engines use this map to find, crawl and index pages of your bizProWeb site. Advanced settings are available.

Open Graph Protocol

Open Graph & Social Media

Open Graph tags are coveted by major social media platforms to help them understand and display the correct snippet when your content is shared. Google & Bing also crawl these tags to help refine rich data snippets.

Meta Tags for SEO – Web Design Miami

Default Meta Tags

Our powerful SEO Analyzer will read your page content and pull appropriate data to create Meta Titles & Descriptions for search results. This data can be customized/optimized for Keywords you choose in the page settings.

Website Internal Linking for SEO

Internal Linking

Connecting page content to related content and articles within your website allows search engines to understand how your website is internally connected. bizProWeb auto-generates these internal anchor links as content is published.

Micro-Manage SEO

Control On-Page/Post Search Optimization with Complete Authority

Each page or blog post you publish on your bizProWeb site features an array of Powerful SEO and Social Media tools to help you refine the content for Keyword rankings and Social Media Sharing.

Keywords Analytics will score your content based on the lasted search indexing requirements for content, while a Readbility Score will inform you of how easy your article may be understood by the reader.

With the on-page SEO Tools, you can also Customize Meta Tags like Page Title & Descriptions, as well as Provide Social Media Data and Imagery for sharing.

Search Engine Optimized Website Designer - bizProWeb Onsite SEO Tools
On-Page SEO Tools help optimize your content for keywords and search engines – bizProWeb – Web Design Miami
Search Engine Optimized Website Designer - bizProWeb Onsite SEO Tools
Search Engine Optimized Website Designer - bizProWeb Onsite SEO Tools

SEO Settings

Site-wide website SEO settings are where to get-started when beginning website optimization. Connect your social media accounts, select which items appear in your sitemap, add Google & Bing verification codes and even select a custom separator for page titles. 

You may customize your website SEO settings here, Enable/Disable Features, set Redirects from deleted content to new content and more.

Global SEO Settings for your bizProWeb site - Web Design Miami

Don't Worry, We Got It

SEO Settings

Keywords and Meta Descriptions are easy for the average website manager to update and optimize for search, the real test is when it comes to Technical SEO. When you launch a bizProWeb site, many of these search requirements are automatically applied and continue to be updated in the background as new content is created. Several of these settings may be customized in the SEO Tools section of the site Admin.


Image 'ALT' Tags

‘ALT’ tags are simply Alternative Text Descriptions that can replace an image if that image is broken, hovered-over by a mouse or being understood by a search bot or screen reader. 

These are important for several reason such as:

bizProWeb automatically provides ALT tags to every image uploaded to your website. You may customize the descriptive text in the Media Manager. 

The Title of your Image will Automatically be used as the image ALT tag - bizProWeb SEO Tools
Automatic image ALT Tags applied to every image with bizProWeb's powerful SEO Tools

< img src=”../assets/img/womain-setting-iwatch-timer.jpg” title=”Woman setting a timer on her iWatch” alt=”Woman setting a timer on her iWatch” />

XML Sitemaps are automatically generated and updated with your content - bizProWeb

XML Sitemap

Your web-Sitemap is extremely important when is comes to Search Indexing and Rankings. Google and Bing ‘bots’ use this data to understand how your website is structured, as well as the level of Importance each Post, Page or Image is to your site.

bizProWeb automatically generates an XML Sitemap of your website and auto-updates it with every Image, Page or Post created, keeping it and Search Engines up-to-date with the latest and greatest content from your site. 

Advanced Settings – You can Manually Select what types of content should be added to your sitemap.

Structured Data

You may have heard the term ‘Rich Snippets’ during your SEO research. Featured elements like this that appear in a search engine is created using Structured Data found in the HTML markup of each page and post on your website. bizProWeb provides essential data about you/your company on every page of your website.

Further, using bizProWeb’s Schema tools, you can provide further details about specific content such as Articles, Recipes, Product Reviews and more.. 

Google and Bing search engines use Structured Data to create 'Rich Snippets' that you see in the results.
Structured Data and Schema Tags enable Google to return Rich Snippets in Search
Automatic image compression applied to every image with bizProWeb's powerful SEO Tools

Smush: Image reduced by 163.9 KB (27.3%) – Image size 98.0 KB


Image Compression

Website Speed is a hugely-important factor when it comes to modern SEO. If your website page is too bulky and slow due to giant images, you’ll have some problems: 

bizProWeb has a really cool image compression software that automatically removes extraneous data while maintaining super-high quality resolution – On average, this ‘Smush-ing’ reduces file-sizes up to 60%.

Advanced SEO
Tool & Settings

Really take-control of your site SEO settings on a level mostly reserved for professionals. 

The advanced features add several connectivity tools to help link your business website to Google and Bing Search Consoles while providing an extra level of customization to truly tighten-your business website optimization.

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