Connecting PayPal to Your Storefront

While PayPal payments is integrated with your BizProWeb Storefront, the process of connecting to PayPal still needs to be completed.

Luckily, the setup process is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

01. Obtaining PayPal Identity Token

The PayPal identity token is essential for verifying payments without using PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN). The token allows your customers to track their payment process in a secure channel.

Here are the steps to obtain the identity token:

A. Access your PayPal dashboard, then navigate to Account SettingsWebsite payments. Tap the Update link next to the Website preferences option.

Connecting your BizProWeb Storefront to PayPal – BizProWeb

B. Enable the Auto return for website payments, then add your store’s thank you page link in the Return URL field.

Connecting your BizProWeb Storefront to PayPal – BizProWeb

C. Enable the Payment data transfer as well. The identity token should appear at the bottom of the section.

Connecting your BizProWeb Storefront to PayPal – BizProWeb

D. Once you have your Identity Token, copy it, then navigate back to your BizProWeb site Admin and Paste the token in the PayPal payment settings and Save: Storefront → Settings → Payments → PayPal

Connecting your BizProWeb Storefront to PayPal – BizProWeb


02. REFUNDS: Obtaining API Credentials

If you want to allow refunds on your store via PayPal, you’ll need its API credentials — Live API username, password, and signature.

To get PayPal’s API credentials:

A. From the PayPal dashboard, go to Account SettingsAccount access. Press the Update link beside the API access option.

Connecting your BizProWeb Storefront to PayPal – BizProWeb

B. Navigate to the NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) section, then click Manage API credentials.

Connecting your BizProWeb Storefront to PayPal – BizProWeb

C. On the Request API Credentials page, select the Request API signature option. Press Agree and Submit, and you’ll see your API credentials on the next page.

D. In a new Tab, return to the PayPal Settings page, Paste the API Credentials in their respective locations, and save: Storefront → Settings → Payments → PayPal


Key Takeaways..

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