Must-haves for your
powerful business website.


1. Modern Website Design.

Your website is designed to match your business and it’s goals. We will work directly with you to determine the best Design Layout and Tools combination to maximize User Interactivity so they complete a desired Action.

In-addition, your future-proof site will also feature beautiful Portfolios, Social Media integration, Lead generation forms…and yeah, it’s SEO Optimized.

Responsive Design

Your new website will confirm to fit any modern screen so your content can be found and your site features used from any device.

Social Integration

Choose to display content from your social media accounts such as Instagram or Twitter. In-addition, when you post a new Blog/News item, have it automatically get distributed to all of your social media accounts.


We continuously upgrade the software and design elements that power your website so you’ll always have the latest and greatest in technology & design.
– Your website will never become ‘dated’.

2. Email+Marketing.

Using an, or worse email for your business is just not professional. Unlike some other companies, we offer you personalized Email* with your Domain Name.

Use one of these emails to send out your monthly newsletter to all of your clients and potential leads. Whether it be through Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or directly from your bizProWeb site admin.

*Free Email Storage up to 500 MB per inbox

Email Capture Forms

Capture your potential clients’ email through an advanced form and have it automatically added to your selected Newsletter marketing software.

Personalized Email

Every business and their employees should have their own personalized email addresses. We’ll set up 5 business email accounts with your domain name to get started. You can upgrade later for more.

Newsletter Distribution

Your newsletters are not limited to your mailing list. These informative messages can also be distributed through your social media accounts. We’ll show to how to set this up to reach a maximum audience.

3. Performance Web Hosting.

When it comes down to it, speed matters. When your site is slow, you will lose potential business.

Unlike your competitors who are running their po-dunk websites on over-populated web hosts like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Hostmonster and the like; your new Business website is on our High-Powered SwyftServer web hosting platform.

Speed Kills…the competition.

99.9% Uptime with Cloudflare Redundant Backup Cache

Lightning-fast SSDs

Traditional web hosts still use slow spinning Hard drives that dramatically delay website load times. Our Swyftserver web hosting uses only Solid State Drives to deliver your site files instantly.

Turbo Cache

Our server cache is fine-tuned to store, pre-load and deliver your site files at a moments notice. The SwyftCache Turbo Web Accelerator compresses your site data thus drastically reducing wait times.

Cloudflare™ Railgun

In-addition to the main server that houses your site files, we’ve partnered with Cloudflare which operates 28 global mirror servers to backup and deliver your site content from the server located closest to your visitors.

4. Social Media Posting.

In order to streamline getting your Blog or News items to the people that need to see it…your social media followers, we’ve added a neat little tool that automatically distributes your latest post directly to your social media accounts.

With One-Click of the [Publish] button, your Blog item is sent to the world.  

No more having to scramble to log into each of your Social Media or Blogging platforms to copy & paste the same article, over and over. We’ve automated it.

Engage your Fans

You can post Blog and New articles on your website all day long, but who really sees them?  With social media Auto-posting you can engage your audience where they spend most of their time online..on social media.

Backlink Generation

Quality Backlinks (links on other websites that direct clicks to your site) is a huge SEO factor when moving up your site visibility in search engines. With your content being distributed to social media, Quality Backinks are created that directly improves your Search Engine Rank.

Cloudflare™ Railgun

In-addition to the main server that houses your site files, we’ve partnered with Cloudflare which operates 28 global mirror servers to backup and deliver your site content from the server located closest to your visitors.

5. Advanced Layout Builder.

Easily and effectively use the Layout Builder to create pages for your new business website.  You can Click, Drag, Clone, Edit your way to a beautiful page layout in no time at all.

In-addition, utilizing the Layout Builder, you won’t have to deal with any <code>, simply select a block and modify the contents. Boom, DONE.

Frontend or Backend

Our Layout Builder works both on the Frontend of your site or the Backend.  Utilize whichever you become more comfortable with to quick build pages or make changes.  The power is in your hands.

Create Templates

So you’ve designed a really cool page layout…now how do you re-use the design?  Simple, save the layout as a Template and load it as many times as you wish to create new pages.  Once you’ve loaded the saved template, you an Edit, Delete, Add new elements as you wish.

Customize Anything

Every single element available in the Layout Builder is customizable. Give your site the look and feel that you wish and even change things up to call more attention to a certain block of information on your site.  The possibilities are endless!

6. Powerful Contact Forms.

So a potential customer submits information to ask a question about your product or service.  …Now what?  You reply…and that’s the end of it?  Heck No!  You just had someone willingly give you their contact information to follow up with them.

Imagine that simple contact form taking the customers’ information and sending it to your CRM software, your Mailchimp account and to a Sales Rep.  Now we’re talking!  Automate intake forms and have the information go where it’s most needed so you can effectively ask the right questions and keep track of the sales flow.  Build advanced forms and do a whole lot more…Incredible!

Distribute to a CRM

Once a customer submits their information, the contact form will  connect to your CRM (Client Relationship Manger) software and store it as a Lead.  You can then organize your Leads and follow up accordingly to create Potentials and perhaps score a new Account/Sale!   – Currently supported CRM: Agile CRMBatchbookCapsule CRMCampfireHighriseZoho CRM

Newsletter Capture

In-addition to being able to send information captured in your contact form to CRM software, you can also send bits of this info to various Email Marketing services.  Keep your current customers along with potential customers informed on your business services and news.  You never know when that potential customer becomes an actual customer.  – Currently supported Email Marketing services: MailchimpActive CampaignAWeberCampaign MonitorEmmaGetResponseiContact • Constant Contact (through Zapier)

Advanced Features

In-addition to distributing contact information to various applications to help your workflow, you can also enable powerful features such as:

7. Add Power.

Now here’s where we separate you and us from everyone else.  Your business website cannot do its job unless it’s enhancing your Workflow.

We have many, many powerful Plugins and Tools to help enhance the Usability of your website so that customers and potential customers will visit and re-visit your site to support your efforts; whether they come to read from  your Blog, Book an Appointment with a Service Rep or Pay a Bill.

Example Productivity and User Experience Tools

Workflow & Administrative

Advanced Contact Forms

Create robust contact forms and connect them to your CRM or Email software to enhance your marketing efforts and record customer information.

SEO Tools

Monitor and adjust the pages of your website with built-in SEO tools.

Google Analytics

Connect your Google Analytics ID and see the visitor stats for each page of your website.

Multiple Domains

You may add additional Domains to your website. So instead of just having that .com, try adding .co, .biz, .info and perhaps, .miami

Custom Post Types

You may need to create a unique item or service to display on your site, the Custom Post Type feature is just what you need. Create new types of information and display them throughout your site.

User Experience

Language Translation

We offer two types of site translation: Google Translate & and Advanced Translation System. The latter is more accurate but way more advanced. We’ll walk you through it.

Animated Slider

Wow your visitors with this robust piece of software.  You may use to build interesting and dynamic Hero Sliders. It will take time to learn, but well worth it.


Each site is E-Commerce ready. Sell directly from your website and let the site pay for itself.  Currently only PayPal is supported.

Restaurant Menu

Every restaurant or café needs to have an online Menu. We offer a nice and neat way of doing just that.

Appointment Booking

If you want your clients to be able to book appointments online, this robust tool will enable that ability.

These are just some examples of the types of tools we offer to enhance your website and turn it into a powerful business tool. If you require something in particular, please ask and we’ll most likely develop an answer for you.

8. Professional Support

We want you to succeed, but in order for you to do that, you need to become confident in managing your website. Our highly-qualified staff will be with you all the way.

Personal Education & Training
Online Tutorials
Newsletter & Blog
Suport Tickets

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